I want you to sit and think for a moment….. what are some things that you want to accomplish in this upcoming year? Do you want a new job, a promotion, try a new sport or activity, feel better, workout more? Now I want you to think about what has been holding you back from reaching those goals. Is it fear, excuses, money, time? What is standing in the way of taking that next step? For the majority of us we are standing in our own way because we just don’t do anything. We think about our “wants” but most of the time we just don’t take any action toward them. It’s not that we are lazy, it’s just that without a set plan these things get away from us. If your anything like me you have lots of ideas, projects, new skills you want to obtain, just things you want to do but those things simply stay in your head or maybe even on a “to do” list. The problem is, most of us live in routine. We get up the same time each day, eat around the same time and usually the same things, go to work or school, pick up the kids, etc. Routines give us comfort but they are also the problem. You can’t expect different results by doing the same things each day. However simply saying you’re going to start working out tomorrow isn’t enough without a plan. So for 2018 I am challenging you to figure out one thing you want, set a goal and get it done. Once that one is done start a new one! A goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s a great idea that 90% of the time will never actually happen. In order to make those goals reality we need to change our routine, yes I know easier said than done but I am going to give you a few tips to help!

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? What is lighting this fire inside you to make this change? It’s important to understand why you want this and WRITE IT DOWN! I want your goal and your why written somewhere that you can see it every day. Have you ever heard “nothing worth it is easy”? Well its true. Usually when we are making awesome changes it gets hard, sometimes really hard depending on your goal and seeing what you want and WHY you want it each day helps keep your eye on the prize! Just a simple reminder each day to kick ass toward what you want!

MAKE THEM ATTAINABLE! I want you to focus on real goals, real things that you can make happen. I am not saying don’t dream big, I am just saying start small. Small changes eventually give you big results. Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds in 2018, that’s awesome and doing the right things it can happen, but that is not what I want you to focus on.  I want you to break that down, what can you do each month, week, day to loose 50 pounds. Maybe the first step is just “drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day”. This is a small change that done with other small changes can eventually give you that big dream. However it’s attainable and specific. You have just started a “Plan” to lose 50 pounds.

ONLY AWESOME! When your writing down goals I want you to only focus on the good. I am a firm believer how you word things makes a huge difference in the world. The law of attraction is a real thing, if you’re always focusing on the negative what do you think you will get?! So what am I talking about? Let’s use the above as an example. In 2018 you want to lose 50 pounds because you want to be able to keep up with your kids. You have your big goal and your why written on your mirror. Now you’re a huge pop drinker and you know you need to cut that shit out ASAP. So most of us would start with step 1: Stop drinking pop right…. WRONG! First of all we are human, as soon as you tell us we can’t have something we instantly want more of it. Also, you’re already making this not fun and telling yourself in order to be more awesome and keep up with your kids you have to take away something you love, so your already off to a negative start! So I want you to think, what would help decrease the amount of pop you drink? So instead of step 1 being stop drinking pop, step one is “take my body weight, divide it in 2 and drink that many ounces of water each day”. Now you have made it fun, you have given yourself a challenge and haven’t taken anything away. If you get all that water in you can have a pop… but I am pretty sure you will be to full of water to even want it! Seems silly but it’s simple and effective. Our minds are a powerful thing and sometimes they need a little trickery.

FAILURE TO PLAN MEANS YOUR PLANING TO FAIL! I am sure you have heard that saying 1000x by now but it’s because it is true. In order to make anything work and stick long term you need a real plan. Let’s go back to our big goal…. lose 50 pounds and play with our kids. You broke it down into small goals, I am going to drink this many ounces of water and I am also going to workout twice a week. This is what I am going to do and then day 1 comes and its go time. You sleep through your alarm so your rushing out and don’t have time to fill your water bottles. Lunchtime comes and you realize that you didn’t pack your lunch either. You go out and then all the temptations are there… the pop is calling your name so you decide “I’ll start tomorrow”. How many of you have done this?! Or maybe step 2 in your goals was working out 2x a week. You decided you were going to give the gym a visit 2x a week but really don’t have a plan for what days. You figure when you have time. That’s where we go back to the “routine”. The gym wasn’t in your previous routine so it’s not magically going to fit in unless you PLAN! Decide when “Go Time ” is. What day are you starting this new you? Then sit down and schedule out your week day by day. For me, in order to stay on track I use a planner and schedule out every single day 1/2 hour by 1/2 hour. I even pencil in my showers, food, drive time! If D day is Monday. Sunday you will sit down and write out your week. Pencil in your gym time, fill your water up for the week, prep your food. Now your ready, you have written down your new “routine” it’s on paper, you just made a commitment to yourself! Now life doesn’t always go as planned especially if you have kids but most days you can get pretty close. Also having a plan when something pops up its less stressful to handle when you can look at your week and figure out how when a better time to handle it is!

STAY THE COURSE! I promise you there are going to be setbacks. Life is going to happen, people can suck. Some days it will feel like the universe is trying to stop you. I have realized in my life, this is usually when the “awesome” is really going to show and happen. This is when you absolutely need to stay the course. I look at it as the test of how bad do you want it. You prove that nothing is stopping you and that’s when it happens. Also, DO NOT DWELL ON THE NEGATIVE! No “why me” or “everything bad happens to me”. That needs to never come out of your mouth! When something bad happens the easy path is to dwell on it, we play it over and over, we say things like “it can’t get any worse”, well again, law of attraction your asking for more shit! Dwelling on it brings more bad, that is usually why people have “bad luck”. My next blog will go into more detail on this but for now….. find the good in the bad and focus on that and move on! Also quick side note, if you are someone who is always saying “why do I attract so much drama” or “why me”…. if you are always the common denominator you need to face some facts, look in the mirror and be real with yourself. You are probably the problem and need to make some serious changes… more on that another day!

So lets get on it! What goals are you going to smash in 2018! How are you going to be a better human and what steps are you taking to get there?! I would love to hear your goals and how I can help with them!