Can You Target Fat?

I know you’ve seen advertisements like the one above. They promise that if you do these certain movements you can “target” fat in certain areas of your body and get rid of it. I’m not sure how these “spot reduction” tactics originated but they are soooo far from the truth.

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of ladies coming into the gym asking me how to lose weight in their arms or around their waist. I always have to be the bearer of bad news and tell them its not possible. While you can get bigger muscles by targeting specific areas, you cannot lose weight by targeting specific areas.

There is a long sciencey explanation as to why “spot reduction” doesn’t work. Basically, in order to lose fat, you’re body has to convert the fat cells into molecules it can actually burn and use as energy. Because of this conversion, the fat can come from anywhere in the body!

If you want arms that appear to be slimmer, you’re going to have to lose fat all over your body. Starting an interval training and strength training regimen are the most effective ways to see results quickly!

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