CrossFit Teneo now offers CoreWOD! This 30 minute class is cleverly programmed in such a way that members can go at their own pace with levels ranging from the serious athlete to the soccer mom, and everyone in between who wants to greatly improve their core strength.

A strong core will:

  • Provide a foundation for an active daily life
  • Create a powerful abdomen and lower back to diminish back pain and injury
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Become more powerful in all strength and Olympic lifts
  • Perform better in all of your CrossFit movements
  • Internal organ, central nervous system protection, and posture correction
  • Help you look great during bathing suit season

This class will be set up like a normal CrossFit class consisting of a short warm up, a core specific strength and/or mini-WOD and may contain many familiar CrossFit movements such as, GHD sit ups, toes to bar, weighted sit ups, leg raises, planks, as well as many CrossFit Teneo “Top Secret” core-specific movements designed to develop and strengthen your core!

CoreWOD is included in your CrossFit membership.