EIGHT-WEEKS with DEXA Scan and Nutrition for $179!

Have you been looking for a fun way to lose weight and get healthy? Have you been thinking about Crossfit but just haven’t found the courage to try it out? Then our  Couch to Crossfit Program is for you. Your journey can begin now and includes 8 weeks of class 2x each week!

Together we will warm-up, learn skills, proper movement and exercise techniques, basic conditioning and mobility. And the best part, our Couch to Crossfit Program is personalized just for you, regardless of experience or athletic ability.

For our last challenge we used a little bit of science to show our results. We used the DEXA scan from Fit Body 360 which showed our members measurements prior to our challenge and after. Out of 24 participants we had 110LBS OF MUSCLE and they LOST OVER 210LBS OF FAT!!!! Pictures can be deceiving but numbers do not lie! If your ready to make the change and live a fuller, healthier life than click the link below!!!

We work with Fit Body 360 and give you a DEXA scan. The Dexa is the industry standard for body fat testing  worth every penny. This scan will tell you your body fat %, full body measurements (right arm vs left arm, etc), Resting Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn at rest), BMI, Bone Density, Relative Skeletal Muscle Index, and Android/Gynoid fat % (how much fat you have around your liver). This scan also gives us the ability to accuratly give you your macro calculation!
Let us help you find a healthier you. Stop making excuses and start getting results!
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