Our TeneoFit classes are just like boot camps but with a CrossFit twist! It offers all the variation and exercises of CrossFit but without the use of barbells or heavy lifting. It’s a great class for you to get more practice and perfect your CrossFit movements which will help improve your weekly WOD scores. This is an excellent class for people that have done Bootcamps before or for people who are looking for a CrossFit-lite class to see if they are ready for the actual full hardcore CrossFit program! Every movement is scalable which means anyone can participate regardless of conditioning level!

Each session starts is structured as follows:
Warm Up – a solid 10 minute warm up to get you sweaty and ready!
Workout – typically 35-45 minutes of high intensity fun!
Cool Down – 10 minutes of stretching and mobility work

Program design include variations in interval training, tabata style workouts, and circuit training. Team competitions and partner workouts also make the workout challenging yet fun!

Some typical TeneoFit exercises may include:

  • Pushing – Push ups, sled pushes, dips, and medicine ball throws
  • Pulling – Pull ups, rope climbs, muscle ups, and ring rows
  • Plyo – Box jumps, jumping lunges, and squat jumps
  • Cardio – Running, rowing, and jump rope
  • Core – Sit ups, planks, and barbell rollouts
  • CrossFit – Wallballs, pistols, HSPU, and burpees
  • Fun – Kettlebells, battle ropes, and tire flips

If you love WODs (Workout of the Day) longer than 30 minutes done in a friendly and fun atmosphere then this is definitely a class you should try!