CrossFit Group Classes

CrossFit Teneo has been consistently proven to provide measurable results to all of our members including those looking to improve general fitness levels, lose weight, and become athletes as well!

The unique programming is designed and planned out by our highly educated staff of Nationally certified personal trainers with over 20+ years combined experience with proven track records in succeeding in getting literally hundreds clients quickly and safely to their goals.

The consistent, dedicated strength and Olympic weightlifting components of our classes is something we are extremely proud of and is something that sets us apart from not only other gyms and programs, but from other CrossFit boxes as well!

A typical class at CrossFit Teneo will:

  • Last approximately one hour and led by a Certified Coach
  • Begin with a 5-10 minute warm up designed to prepare you for the day’s workout
  • Have a progressive, adaptive strength segment in every session
  • Include either an Olympic Weightlifting or Skill component
  • End with a challenging, sweaty 10-15 minute workout

Every workout will have the prescribed workout and movements on the “whiteboard” and EVERY movement will have a scaled option so every member regardless of fitness level can participate and get an safe and effective workout! You’ll be working out with friends, pushing each other and getting motivated by some great music. Come and see what CrossFit Teneo is all about!