Michelle Trewyn

Michelle is not only a member at Teneo but she is our Director of Member of Services. She is so passionate about anything and everything “Teneo” we had to make her a part of our team!

Michelle came to us very timid, very shy. Little did we know that she would be one of our biggest support systems and someone that EVERYONE would gravitate towards! As you’ll read, we saw great progress with her in her fitness journey, but the greatest progress was her presence inside the gym. It didn’t take her long to bust through our community and make her name known! You won’t find a day she comes in without her smiling and keeping conversation going with everyone!

With Covid-19 kicking everyone out of the gym, we decided to take things online with Zoom. Michelle quickly brought her family into the picture. Bringing in her husband, Mike, and her oldest son, Josh, into our “At Home” workouts. It took all of 5 minutes to see the dynamic of this family and to fully understand Michelle. The Trewyn clan are a funny, outgoing, caring group. And to bring them into our community is still one of the best decisions Michelle has made! The company you keep, tells us everything we needed to know about this family, Michelle and all the Trewyn’s will be a big staple in our community no matter where we hold our workouts!

Below, please read the amazing testimonial that Michelle wrote for us:

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 years. In July of 2019 I made the decision to switch from another local box to Teneo. I was a bit nervous as it can be intimidating to start at a new gym where there are already established friendships, unspoken reserved spots on the rig and feeling like an outsider. When I entered Teneo I felt none of that. I was immediately greeted by the head coach and owner Mitchell Mills, he introduced me to everyone and took the time to ensure I was using the correct weights and was comfortable. The other members in class were friendly and welcoming., everything at Teneo more than exceeded my expectations! The atmosphere is so friendly and supportive, there is such a strong sense of community and caring about each other. Everyone’s accomplishments are celebrated, regardless if its their first ring muscle up or their first ever unassisted pull up!

Within just a couple of months I noticed the difference in programming and coaching, I was hitting a PR almost weekly, improving skills like double unders and discovered I can do things like handstand push ups and rope climbs which I had never tried before! I was encouraged to enter my first ever competition. It was a partner competition and Mitch put me with Jordan, someone I had only had casual conversations with for a month or so. Well not only is she a great partner, but she become an instant close friend I’ll have for a lifetime! (We had a blast at the competition also). I actually have many close friendships at Teneo, some I’ve known for years and some I rarely actually see in person, but due to our very active FB group we interact daily, sometimes hourly.

When Teneo closed it’s doors due to the Corona Virus stay at home order, that is when I realized Teneo isn’t a place, it’s the people, and we’re a big crazy family! Zoom classes were quickly set up and not one class was cancelled. We still all get to see each other through zoom classes, zoom date night and fb live videos by the coaches doing crazy workouts created by members who won a challenge. The owners Liz and Mitch are constantly coming up with new ideas to keep everyone working out, having fun and staying engaged with each other. They truly put their members first.

To sum up, what sets Teneo apart is the close knit community, the friendly, welcoming, and hilarious coaches and members. The coaches that treat everyone like an athlete, with all the potential, skill, and strength to achieve and exceed their fitness goals. The friendships that are created or made stronger in a place that is inclusive of everyone. The owners who never stop looking for ways to improve on what is already amazing. The programming that is broken into levels and even individualized so that regardless of where you are in your CrossFit journey, you’ll get a great workout! I’m so thankful I am a part of the Teneo family!

 #proudtobeteneo #teneotough

We are so lucky that Michelle has come into our lives and into our community. Teneo would be a more dull place without her smile and jokes!



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