Membership Options

We’re committed to you! We don’t require a contract as we gladly offer a month-to-month membership option. You make the commitment and we will help you get there.

Walking into and becoming a member at Teneo, you’re paying for TRAINING. A program. A certified coach. You’re getting instruction on exactly what to do every day, a qualified set of eyes to ensure your safety (and effectiveness) while you’re doing it, and our program WORKS.

At Teneo, we care. Honestly. As a member you get a progressive program and a class run by a certified coach – EVERY DAY. Our programming is created by personal trainers with a combined knowledge base of over 17 years experience in getting people to reach and exceed their health and fitness goals. (Whether that’s weightloss, strength building, general fitness, etc.). How often have you walked into the gym and not known what to do? (What movements. How many of them. How many sets or repetitions of each. At what weight. With how much rest.) How many times have you started a fitness program only to not reach the goal you set for yourself or to revert back to old habits after losing interest? These are non-issues when you have a science-based program to follow and coaches whose main focus is to keep you safe, motivated, and successfully moving toward a better lifestyle every day.

Also, Teneo (and many CrossFit boxes!) are built on the idea of support and community.  It has been proven many times through different studies that those starting a fitness program are much more likely to adhere to it and continue with it long term when they have a solid support circle around them. That comes built-in at Teneo.