Rachel Dresden

Meet one of our most loving and inspiring members Rachel! If you catch a 5am class you will most likely run into her. If she’s not smiling before the workout, she will be afterwards!

Rachel has recently reached a milestone in her weightloss journey at 25 pounds down! We are so proud of her hard work and commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

Rachel not only wants to better her life for herself but for her family. Rachel has told me many times how she wants to be healthy to lead by example for her two little girls, Hayden and Aubrey (who are the most precious!) It’s not surprising that she has had so much success giving all the motivation her daughters give her!

Recently, Rachel wrote a testimonial about Teneo and the impact it has had on her journey:

“I started at CrossFit Teneo during a 60 day challenge and was VERY skeptical. I wasn’t in shape at all and was struggling to lose baby weight from having my girls. My goal was to lose a few pounds, but what I found was so much more.

I found a love of fitness, overall health, and some of the strongest friendships I’ve ever had. The second I walked through the door every single person in the gym introduced themselves and welcomed me. That has never happened in any other fitness class or location I have gone to!

My fear slowly went away day by day as I learned about scaling workouts and built trusting relationships with the coaches. I have definitely met my goal of losing baby weight, but now I have my sights set even higher. I look forward to an active, healthy life with my family.”

Rachel has become a staple in our community, always pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She doesn’t only push herself, she pushes and motivates everyone around her. We are so lucky she chose us!

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