Stephanie Yates

Meet Steph Yates! She is another one of those crazy 5amers! Stephanie started CrossFit at a big “globogym.” There was very little understanding of the CrossFit Methodology at this gym and various problems arise from situations like that. However, when they got an experienced coach for their program everything changed. Stephanie finally understood there was a reason for everything and she was taught how to move properly. Unfortunately for Steph, this coach had to leave and she was devastated she wouldn’t get the same coaching. Which lead to her branching out to the CrossFit gym down the road, Teneo!

Lucky for us, not only did Steph come and try us out, but so did most of her 5am crew. This grew our morning classes so much that we needed two early morning class times to fit everyone in!

Stephanie has only been at Teneo for 6 months (3 of them in quarantine) but in that short amount of time has made a HUGE impact on the community. She bakes amazing goodies and brings them in regularly! If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram, you will consider unfollowing at some point, because her baked goods pictures are far too tempting! Steph is also an amazing person. Her upbeat personality and smile is infectious, especially at 5am! She always comes into class ready to go and pushes herself harder than before, each and every day.

Steph has recently written a testimonial for CrossFit Teneo that we wanted to share below:

I started doing what we now affectionately refer to as “baby Crossfit” at a big globo gym with some about 4 years ago and over the course of that time a group of us formed a small but incredibly tight-knit community.  In our last ten or so months there, we had the opportunity to train with a great coach who came from a specifically Crossfit background, under whom we improved by leaps and bounds and learned the value of truly good coaching and programming. When it was time for him to move on, we realized it had to be time for us to move on as well – we couldn’t go back to baby Crossfit. 

Personally I was devastated – I truly didn’t know if we would be able to find a place where we could continue to improve at the rate we had been – but I was almost instantly proven wrong.  Teneo was the first gym we tried out and even by the end of our first trial class it felt like home.

The Teneo team’s skill at coaching, dedication to safety, unbelievable generosity and commitment to every single athlete is unparalleled.  At Teneo, Mitch and Liz have built the enormous community I never knew I was missing everywhere else.  They make an incredible effort to check in with every member, to really get to know them & understand how to challenge them and make them better, what type of motivation they need, and to make them feel looked after but never singled out.  I am constantly impressed watching the care that’s taken in leading a group class of individuals – personally I thrive being called out & cajoled & yelled at to do better, but that same approach might chase other members away – and this entire coaching team is incredibly aware of that and adapts accordingly to each member’s needs. When we said we wanted to join, but that several of us could only make it to a 5 am class (at the time it was 5:30) – they made it happen, and they didn’t even know us yet.  It was obvious from day one, but after almost 6 months it’s even more so – the members are the absolute priority here.

Crossfit is hard and sometimes it sucks.  Getting up at 4:30 am to nearly die before a full work day is hard (and ALWAYS it sucks).  But doing it with these people in this place is FUN – and it’s also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.  It doesn’t matter what your goals are – this team, coaches and members alike, will embrace you & help you get there.  They will go out of their way for you whenever possible from the instant you walk through the doors.  They will call you out when they know you need it and they will lift you up when you think you can’t do it.  You are not a number or a membership fee here, you are part of a family that I am SO proud of & can’t wait to see evolve & grow even more!”


Steph has made so much progress in the short time she has been with Teneo and we are so lucky that she decided to reach outside her comfort zone and try us out! We would not be the same community without her!



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