I am totally biased because I love CrossFit and I love the people I have met through CrossFit.  However, these few traits are so apparent in all of the wonderful coaches and members, not only at my gym, but at every CrossFit gym. It is why we are all here.


If you didn’t know, CrossFit is hard work. No matter your level of fitness, whatever version of the workout you do will be difficult and require you to push yourself.  Day after day of HARD. Undoubtedly, it takes something special to show up for that kind of abuse, I mean workout 😉 I am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing individuals EVERY DAY that have the drive to be better than yesterday and are NOT AFRAID of the hard work it will require to get there! It is one of the things we have in common and that brings us together as a community.


Day after day putting in that work.  Knowing that you are sowing the seeds (of love LOL) or more likely, of a healthy life. It inspires me every day to see the efforts put forth by my fellow coaches and members.  Even when it’s cold, snowy, rainy, too hot, too late…we are there, working towards “better.” Even when the workout calls for every weakness…we are there to push through.  The mutual understanding that we have to put the work in to reap the benefits, and we make no excuses if we haven’t done that.


We realize that if we want to get our double-unders, muscle-ups, hand stand pushups (or walks), or any other skill, we need to WORK for it. And that means coming in and doing them even if we SUCK! If we want to PR our lifts, we need to eat right, train right and then, AND ONLY THEN, will the results come.  Because each of us know that the results we want are EARNED and absolutely NOT GIVEN to us for free.

We know that hard work will beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Period.

Those are just a few awesome traits you will find, in abundance, inside our CrossFit gym. Come see for yourself, but I will warn you…it’s contagious.


By Michelle Adams CrossFit Teneo Coach and Member