Hilda Dautovic

Hilda is the most inspirational person I know! She is always so positive and uplifting, while having a certain rawness about her too. What you see is what you get with Hilda, and in a world influenced by likes on instagram, you rarely get to see a person for who they truly are.

We are so lucky she gave us a chance! Hilda was skeptical to try us out, but once she did, she was hooked! She had a million questions (still does) but quickly made a dramatic impact on the entire community at Teneo!

Recently, Hilda wrote a testimonial for us at CrossFit Teneo. I wanted to share her words, not as a plea to convince you we are good coaches (even though we are!), but as a plea to convince you to believe in yourself! To believe that you can do, what you think right now, is the impossible.

“There is no need to look for the “right” time to start. It does not exist and there is no point to wait for it. CrossFit is a whole different ball game than any sports or regular gyms. You can have prior athletic ability or have never walked faster than a snail, it will still feel like an intimidating thing to get into. Not because of what it truly is but because of our minds coming up with assumptions of what it might be.

Bottom line is, being part of CrossFit is an amazing thing. What I have learned being at CrossFit Teneo is that IT IS POSSIBLE. You are going to be able to do ALL of it. Period. It is inevitable. Doubts might come and you may think you are not progressing. But once you are part of Teneo, you have no choice but to progress. It is happening. It may not seem to you that you are. But YOU ARE. It is possible; your body is capable of doing it all.

The time frame differs for everyone, but that does not matter. I have had absolutely no prior athletic abilities. I was slender most of my life, but boy have I learned how out of shape I have been majority of it. Super embarrassing to be slender and out of shape, and not to mention quite weak. I have had no prior experience in the athletic department, never been part of a gym longer than a month, never done sports, gymnastics, or anything. And for the first time, I have stuck to a “gym” for a little over a year now thanks to Teneo.

What I have learned from being here, other than your body is able to do all the cool stuff, is…. Teneo is a community full of different types of people: short, tall, skinny, overweight, old, young and with different life experiences and athletic abilities. Yet, we all come together to support and respect each other, to communicate and be silly with. If our egos start acting up, one of us will let the other know or the workout will definitely get you off of that high horse. No matter what, this place makes you a better person, physically and emotionally in all aspects of your life. You have no choice in that. It just happens. You just become better, stronger, more loving and humble. Kind of cool to have a place that does that.”

We are so proud of you Hilda. Your perseverance to push yourself outside your comfort zone is admirable and makes others want more too. Your kind words will resonate with someone and change their life for the better!




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