I shared a post recently from The Whiteboard Daily Instagram account. It was of the picture above. I’m sure most of you scrolled on past without a second thought, maybe some of you giggled at it, but I know a few people sank into their chairs and a scary thought crept into their minds,

“Do they know I cut reps?”

I’m here to answer this question, YES.

A rep cutter is someone who makes a conscious decision to cut the number of repetitions performed during a workout.

Cutting reps hurts your progress. The coach has prescribed a certain workout for a desired stimulus. If you cut the reps you may not be reaching the target stimulus and hurting your chances of increased strength and stamina. This also leads to perpetual cheating. In order to keep up “appearances” you have to continue to cut more reps. What once started out as cutting 1 or 2 reps has turned into 9 or 10.

We pride ourselves here at Teneo for making you all more fit individuals, for helping you be healthier but also helping you become better people. Workouts are meant to push you physically and mentally. Workouts teach you, that when you think you can’t possibly give anymore, you can. Workouts teach you the strength you have inside yourself. We like hanging out with our friends and having fun but we also like to work hard.

We are one hell of a community. I have never been to another gym in my career like Teneo. The person cheating may not realize it, but their cheating negatively affects the whole gym. Other members become aware and the cheater becomes isolated. The trust built when “we are all in this together” is broken.

Its a really difficult conversation to have with members who are unaware of the cheating. When they ask, “I joined CrossFit at the same time as _____, How are they progressing so much quicker than me?” Cheaters don’t think about the effect they have on others. This can encourage people to give up and potentially leave the gym. On the flip side, it can encourage cheating from others.

Finally, I am a big believer that your mentality in the box can dictate your mentality when you step out of the gym. Positivity during any task, training session or challenge, can help breed positivity while tackling everyday life.
For example, they say that the simple habit of just making your bed every morning is the start of a positive day of accomplishments. 

To the same token, negative habits inside the gym can breed negative habits outside the gym.

I once knew a member who was notorious in his community, for being a “rep shaver” during WODs. He would reduce his amount of repetitions in workouts and brag when he beat those he was competing against.

He lost the trust of his friends in the box and was ostracized in the community. Funnily enough, this particular guy was also caught cheating in his business only a couple of months later. I admit, it is a far comparison, but I stand by the statement that your attitude towards cheating during workouts is just another way in which you are building habits in the rest of your life.

So if you actually have the desire to achieve your fitness-related goals and improve as a person, think about how your attitude to CrossFit may be a reflection on yourself.  Enjoy better training results, a stronger bond within your community, and the building blocks of a successful day of accomplishments.



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