Lance Brownsworth

If you look up consistency in the dictionary, you will see Lance Brownsworths’ picture next to it. For the first two weeks of Quarantine, Lance was the only 5 am crossfitter who showed up everyday and did the workout all by himself! He is so dedicated to his health and fitness and it shows in the numerous PR’s he has seen since joining Teneo!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Lance, you’ve definitely met someone in his family! His wife Karen, and his two sons Cody and Tyler. CrossFit is truly a family affair in the Brownsworths’ household! The Brownsworths’ are a staple in the Teneo community. You are sure to see a smile when they arrive and they are some hard working individuals!

Lance, Karen, Tyler and Cody Brownsworth

We are so happy to have Lance and the rest of the Brownsworth clan at Teneo. Recently, Lance submitted a testimonial, which you can read below:

“I have lost track of how long I have been doing CrossFit now, but it all started a while ago thanks to my oldest son who began working out at a local box (not Teneo) to help improve his strength for Team sports he was playing at the time.  Fast forward and eventually our entire family got involved with CrossFit.

Through an interesting series of events, we dropped in at Teneo and the coach who was running the 5am class that day welcomed me like I had been a long standing member.  Great start!   Through another series of events my entire family became active members of Teneo and that is when things really started to change.

At first I had been skeptical to switch, I needed a consistent 5am class because of work and it had been hard to find.  I have yet to pull up to Teneo at that early hour and not find the lights on, music playing and the coach greeting you as you walk through the door.  This is but one small aspect of what makes Teneo different…they deliver on what they say!  

Mitch and Liz Mills have created a true community.  Members are more to them than a monthly fee.  Mitch and Liz truly care about each member and what is going on with them both physically and personally.  At my age, I have more than my share of bumps and bruises, strains and pulls.  Mitch (or whichever coach) has yet to forget or to suggest something that will keep me moving, but allow my most recent ailment to heal and heal properly.  

CrossFit is hard, but I love the feeling it provides.  The coaching and approach at Teneo has continued to improve me as a member and I have seen enormous gains from where I was when I walked through Teneo’s door.  There truly are options for everyone.  I am by no means “proficient” at all of the CrossFit movements (even after all these years!).  I still struggle with many of them but I have never felt “out-of-place” or looked down upon at Teneo because of that.  The exact opposite has been my experience.  The coaches will help you get there if you want it.  They well help you the right way, the safe way and trust me, you will sweat and be sore because of it!

If you are thinking about contacting Mitch and Liz, do not wait any longer…go for it, get started!  Teneo is not strong because of CrossFit, Teneo is strong because of its members and its owners who will help you on your fitness journey at your pace and you will be amazed by the transformation.  At my age, I didn’t think I would notice much, I was wrong!  #TeneoStrong, #TeneoTough, #TeneoProud!!!!

We feel so lucky to have Lance and his family apart of our community! We can’t thank them enough for their continued support and kind words! We can’t wait to see how many more PR’s you crush during quarantine and when we open back up!

See Y’all Soon!


Lance & Karen Brownsworth


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